license query

Hello, hope you can help. We have a pool of 25 transferable licenses that we can swap between our developers (following the instructions to unistall the software, de-activate the license, re-install sofware and re-activate on new pc). We have no problems at all in using this method.

We also have 10 fixed licenses. Am not entirely sure what the process with these are. I understand that these fixed licenses can't be transfered to other people as they are fixed, but what is the process if it is for the same person but they upgrade their pc? We are going through a transformation exercise and all employees are being issued with new pcs. In this instance using a fixed license can the software be re-installed using the fixed license details for the same person but on a different pc?

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Helen Tyson

Hi Lisa

Yes, the same person can deactivate their licence on one machine and reactivate it on another with the same registered user details. The difference between the fixed and transferrable licences is that you can't bump them around across multiple people in the same way and need to be re-registered under the same name.