Link to Excel within Presenter

I have reviewed older posts on this topic, but curious if anyone has a refined way to open an Excel workbook (2010) from a hyperlink in Presenter.   I have done the simple link process and works well but it is dependent on the user's Excel environment.   The link often opens full size on top of Presenter and the user as to manage windows, resizing, etc.  We use SharePoint 2010, but do not have web services and other security issues limit the use of the web object strategy.

Just wondering what others are doing if they are integrating Excel with their modules.   My case is for training on a financial pricing model but  the modle relies on lots of hidden formulas, etc. in the Excel workbook.   I really just want a small window to open (that's my main issue) showng the input worksheet for interaction. 

I also work in Storyline but haven't tried any options that it might offer.

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