Linking to URL or partial URL in Presenter 360

Am going from Presenter '13 to '360 as part of the migration from flash to html5.

Previously a minor edit in the index+lms.html file allowed me to specify a URL to call on exit (or clicking the window close control). This enabled me to make sure that the student returned to the LMS lesson menu and force a refresh. 

Doing this in Presenter 360 doesn't help. On publishing new files are created that are not in the Articulate directory anywhere including the terribly difficult to read index_lms_html5.html which might be what I need to adjust. 

I have looked and looked and don't see a way to address this from within Presenter before publishing, so I am looking for a way to address this post publishing or in the main articulate folder files as I was doing before.

Can anyone advise?

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Vincent Scoma

Hi Deborah,

Let's see if we can pinpoint this snag! 

I ran through a test on my side and published a sample course for LMS using Presenter 360. The index_lms.html file should appear after publishing the file. There should be two instances of that file, the index_lms.html and index_lms_html5: 

Could I have you try republishing the course for LMS >> then open the generated file to see if those HTML files are there? 

Please keep us posted on this!