links to attachments in Presenter '13 not working

Hello all,

I have lots of questions lately.  I have created a Reference tab in my eLearning module for my client using Presenter '13.  However, the client has said that they want hyper-links to the reference documents in the slides themselves.

I have tried to do this the way I know how - by creating a text box or a button (actually I created both) and then in PPT going to "Insert/Hyper-Links/Existing File or Web Page", and then selecting the appropriate document from my computer.

When I publish the course for the web and view in my browser, the link doesn't work. 

I then deleted the entire output folder from Articulate, add the same document to the Reference tab, re-publish , and the attachment opens up from the Reference tab, but still not from the link on the page!

Can anyone help?  In reviewing past discussion histories, it seems this is a common issue in Articulate with no clear resolution.

Thank you, Barbara

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Barbara Pando-Behnke

Ashley - this was super, super helpful.  I "followed the steps above" and it worked!  :)  Namely the instructions for "Hyperlinking to a Document". 

I followed these instructions, republished and tested the new module and it all works as it should - the document opens up.

I'm bouncing around my office all happy.

Thanks again, Barbara