LMS Advice!

Hi All,

Looking for a little LMS advice. We currently have 5 "course" modules and 1  "quiz" module. We would like our learners to take the 5 learning modules and then take the 1 quiz module; however, when the learners take the quiz module we want to prevent them from being able to view the courses. (We use the Absorb LMS.)

1. For example, we could set the number of simultaneous "learning events" to "one" so that the learner can only be viewing the quiz; but, Absorb doesn't have this feature like some LMS' do

2. We could expire the course modules when the user begins the quiz, but we can't find a way to do this automatically. 

3. We could limit the number of "attempts" on each course to "one" and then make the courses a prerequisite in the system before the user could access the quiz, but we'd prefer to let them watch the training as much as they'd like before they take the quiz.

Does anyone have any ideas? We might just be missing something.

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