LMS Course Is Marked Passed or Completed on Second Attempt Even if

Hi All,

I know that there is a known issue where LMS courses are marked passed or completed on the second attempt.  Right now this is causing issues because we can't report accurate scores in our LMS.  Is there a known workaround for Saba?  Does Articulate have an ETA for fixing this issue?  It's causing havok for us.

I did notice that for some reason it appears that Presenter is sending two sets of scores to the LMS, and that the LMS is averaging the two, apparently.

This is the link to the known issue, if you are reading this and having the same problem.


Thanks for any help,


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Alice Jefferson

I changed submit results trigger to only submit results to LMS when the learner passes the course.   Failed attempts  never go to LMS and course stays on the learner plan until they achieve a passing score.  This prevents the false reporting after the 2nd failed attempt. 

Let me know if this works.