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We recently upgraded to Studio '13.  In '09, in the output folder after publishing, you could move all the 'extra' files to a folder to clean it up, so it was clear to the learner to choose 'player.html'.  In '13 if you move those files to a folder, the articulate will not play.  Is there any way around this?  I would be nice for our learners to be able to open the folder, and easily see 'presentation.html' with a handful of folders, instead of a list of files they need to sort through to find their training. 

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Nelson Diaz

You could create a new folder, call it anything you would like and move your published course into the new folder.  Copy the presentation.html file and paste it as a shortcut at the root folder (right click - paste shortcut).  Rename the shortcut to make it more obvious (start here, click to start, etc.) and have your students use the shortcut to start your course.

Steve Flowers

A couple of ways to solve this one. First, create a folder full of your published files then...

1) create another index.html file outside of this structure that redirects to the player.html file. Adding this to a script tag should get it:  window.location.replace("yourFolder/player.html");

- OR -

2) create a launcher by selecting this in the player options. Move this launcher outside of your folder structure and change the target to open the window.