LMS Tracking

I have several courses that I have published to my client's LMS.  The courses have a lot of branching. I see that I can set the minimum number of slides to indicate completion.  Is this the only way to define completion (there's no quiz in the modules; it's a standalone quiz)?  I'm concerned that because of the branching, there could be ways for someone to complete the minimum number of slides but not complete the "required" content.  

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David Anderson

Hi Robert and welcome to E-learning Heroes!

You could include 1 or more "conclusion landing slides" using Quizmaker's blank slides feature. The slide can be anything that learners see at the end of their branching. Because it's a quiz, there's no score so once they arrive and move beyond the slide, they'll complete the quiz requirement to pass the course.

Have you looked at Quizmaker's slide view yet? It can be customized to look like the rest of your slides.