LMS Tracking not reading lesson completion

I've had a common problem with several of my courses over the last few months and wondered if any one has had similar experiences.  My courses have branching in them and I set the tracking completion to the number of slides viewed.  I use a number equivalent to the shortest path (no branching) and usually reduce that count by 20%.  Say I have a 19 slide presentation. Without branching, the student will see 16 slides so I set completion at 13 slides.  The client's LMS is still not marking the course complete.  I've had to set the slide count much lower in order to get it to record the lesson as complete. 

I'm publishing using SCORM 2004 and the only change I make to the files is to replace the null.swf with a preloader version I got from BuiltClean. I know this is not supported by Articulate but I'm wondering if anyone is having a similar problem.



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Justin Wilcox

Hi Rob.

The first thing I would do in order to rule out the preloader would be to publish the presentation without any modifications and see if you can duplicate the issue that way. I would also recommend testing your content in the SCORM Cloud as outlined in this article to see if you can duplicate there.