LMS with "New Window" or not.

Many years ago when we first started using Articulate we ended up figuring out that we needed to launch a new window when launching the lesson and it had to do with some kind of security issue with respect to Firefox and if we didn't do it then the updates to the LMS wouldn't work properly upon exiting. 

Browsers have changed, Studio '05 became '09 and is now '13 and I can't find a single article that really lays out the various pluses or minuses of the different template selections. 

Pop-up windows have always been problematic to support because of the myriad browser/toolbar/security software configurations. And if you pop up a lesson and the user launches some other URL into their main window it will bring the main window to the front and hide the lesson and we end up having students who assume their lesson is gone and they go ahead and relaunch the lesson before the lesson has sent proper suspend information to the server causing all manner of intermittent problems of various flavors.

We are interested in getting rid of the pop-up aspect of the lessons and I have been searching a host of articles and community threads looking for search terms like "pop-up" and "New window" related to presenter and its a big ole waste of time.

I am looking for some kind of software documentation or an article or even a help thread that actually has a complete discussion of this topic. 

We wrote our own LMS to AICC standards and we can control where we launch index_lms.html from a new window, from an iframe or the same window etc. What I am trying to find out is what limitations are there related to launching a lesson window without launching a "new window". I really don't feel like spending a couple of days simply playing around when there has to be someone out there who just knows the answer.

Links to existing articles are welcome. If you don't know of anything existing but know the answer, please reply. Thank you.


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