Location of SCORM settings in '13

Hello all,

I have what's probably an odd question.  In the '09 version, as part of our QA process, the person checking the course would view one of the .xml files to verify that the SCORM settings were correct. - % of slides viewed, correct/incorrect, etc. 

We've been trying to do this in the '13 courses but can't find where that information is now located.  We do need to check the options in the actual published course, not just check what the parameters are in the Powerpoint.  Any assistance with this would be appreciated.

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Jada Olson

That's unfortunate if that's the only way.  The people doing QA do not always have access to the working powerpoints (or Articulate installed for that matter) and that xml check was used to be *sure* that the published course had the right settings.  There's no other way at all to check the parameters in the publish?