Lock Nav/Resume - Can I view any slides?


I need a little help or direction in understanding and properly using locked navigation and the 'resume' feature.

We use Moodle 2.1 for our LMS....this may or may not make a difference.

Here is my dilema....is it possible to set up a course that uses the locked navigation and 'resume where you left off' option so that once they visit a slide, they can ALWAYS navigate to it freely even if then then chose not resume where they left off?

I have a candidate that viewed a complete module and took the quiz at the end.  He exited the module and went back in to it and clicked 'yes'  to resume where he left off.  He manually clicked on slide 7, then exited.  When he re-entered, it asked him again to resume where he left off and he clicked 'yes'.  It dropped in on Slide 7, but locked him from freely navigating the rest of the module.

I am looking for something along the line of a 'if you ever visited this slide, you can always come back to it' sort of thing....

It looks like the way it is set up you will only be dropped into the last slide you visited....

Any help or ideas on how to handle this?

Many thanks,


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