Locked navigation issue with SWF and Video files

Hi everyone,

With Presenter '13, I want my learners to follow the course from first to last slide.

To do that I use the lock option.

All is perfect, except for the slides including a SWF or a Video files. For those slide the SWF or Video run till the end, but the slide is always locked.

Any Idea to unlock the slide after Video or SWF is finished ?


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Eric!

Would you be able to share your Articulate Package so that we can take a look and understand your settings?

I'm assuming that you have the videos set to play in a new browser window, with locked navigation, but how is the slide set to advance. If you change it to Auto, does the course perform as you wish?

Ricky Nox

Hi Lesly,

what I want to do is to Force the learner to go from A to Z in my course. So the lock slide option seems to not be the solution because some slide contains Video and Captivate swf files. I understod that the the lock slides needs to add hyperlinks to go to next slide.

I can force the learner using the navigation option "Restricted" of the menu.

For a simple video I can force the learner to see all the video. To do that I insert the video without the player and I use the seek bar of Presenter.

But for a Captivate file it doesn't work. It is possible to go to the next slide before the end of captivate using the Next button of Presenter. My Captivate swf is an interactive exercice where learner must click to advance into it. But I presume that Presenter is enable to receive information from the captivate progress indicating the end of the exercice. Am I wrong ? Is there any solution to solve this issue with Prensenter ?

Is is possible to do that using Storyline ?