Locked slides aren't unlocking after users viewed all

Hi there

I am a new Articulate user and am just having trouble with some navigation/branching.

I have one slide with a SmartArt graphic on it with 5 buttons. Each button is hyperlinked to go to a slide within the presentation, then, in Articulate, is branched back to that first slide which is locked.

My (limited) understanding of the lock function is that once all objects have been pressed, the user is then able to navigate to the next slide.

I can't get it to work. The navigation and branching back is all working fine, however, the slide still remains locked. What am I missing?

Any assistance with this is very much appreciated.

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Colleen Brunner

When a slide is locked, it means that you cannot use the player controls in the Articulate player or the outline menu to change slides. It never becomes unlocked however many objects are clicked on the slide.

One way to get what you are trying to set up working is to take five copies of your main SmartArt menu and each time the user completes one section of the course, you send them on to the next menu. On the last menu, you give them an extra button to move in the course. The menus will look the same to the user so they'll think they're back on the same page but each time you'll activate an extra button.

The drawback to this is that the user must complete the sections in a particular order.