Logo issue

The window in the sidebar for the logo measures at about 220x170, but when I re-scaled a png to those dimensions, it left a white border. Is this intetional? If so, I don't want any border. If I do, I can add it in the image.

Also, using a logo kept the sidebar space open! In 9 when the sidebar went away, the logo went too.

Is this an oversight?

When I want the "slide only" view that means nothing else, nada!

Oversight perhaps?

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Pete,

In regards to the logo size, we recommend:

For the best results, use an image that has a maximum width of 200 pixels and a maximum height of 220 pixels. If your image doesn't fit within these dimensions, Presenter will scale it to fit.

Also, as you'll see in the image below, you can add a logo and remove items like the menu, resources, etc. from appearing in the sidebar tabs, but the space will still be there if you have a logo included. If you want only the slide view, you'd need to disable all the other options (menu, logo, presenter, etc.)

Pete Flynn

Ashley did you actually read my post?

Your answer does not reflect anything beyond "logo" and providing the stock respose. I have attached a screenshot. Open and look at this please, and notice the following:

1. The image is NOT scaled to fit the space unless Articulate intentionally frames it with a border. I used a 1280x720 png.

2. The space is visibly wider than it is tall. The stated dimensions don't make sense.

Also, I do not want this logo on every frame. But the use of a logo in Player Options inflicts it on all slides and defeats the use of a full-page "splash screen".  I want/need that capability. If 13 has lost it, please restore it in an update. As for now I will gladly do without since I want the free space more than I want a logo. I do think any user requested this "twist" to the logo feature.

Thank You.

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Pete,

I apologize if I didn't understand your original post, but I did read your post and based on how I interpreted what you wrote, gave an answer that I thought was appropriate for your question. 

I do not see a screenshot attached here, but in regards to the feature you have mentioned, that is not included in Presenter 13 due to the different player set up. If you'd like to request that feature in a future update I'd encourage you to submit a feature request as that is the best way to communicate your needs to our Development team.