Looking for a resolution "Ipad" Quizmaker questions not working and different behaviour then expected

We are in the process of upgrading our Articulate 09 files to Articulate 13. I have upgraded one file to start and we are now testing on mobile platforms

The presentation was upgraded from 09 to 13 no issues. Published to HTLM5 (our LMS does not support Tin Can therefor the app option was not selected in publishing), SCORM 2004, 4th edition, pass/fail, tracked by completion of quiz. I am testing Ipad using safari.

Ran the first Ipad test, so far found that dissolve animation flickers, fill color animation does not show (not a supported animation in HTLM5, this was my miss), dissolve out does not dissolve out, it flickers and not correctly as set in the animation timeline. These are all likely fixable with changing the animation, but dissolve is supported across all, so why is it flickering?

I have also found the voice-over studders in sections. Mostly noticeable during the transition to engage embedded presentations.

Also, the "exit" button does not work in the presentation. I can only exit by closing the browser. Why does the exit button not work on the Ipad?

The bigger problem is quizmakers behavior. In the presentation is quizmaker presentations embedded into presenter. It transitioned from presenter to quizmaker as expected. On the very first question it displayed an "incorrect" red bar at the bottom of the slide. This should not be here, why is it here? Secondly, I am not able to select a response, why am I not able to select a response? I cannot advance the presentation until the quiz has completed, I can not submit until I have selected a response.

I have also tested this module using our standard device, windows O/S, laptop and google chrome, none of these issues are present here. We are also testing other mobile devices but the results are not in yet. Are there any other issues/behaviours we should be aware? It should be dually noted here, the upgrading of this module meant hours of work combing through each slide and making the suggested changes that I have read on several posts and in the articulate files for annimations etc... Our goal is to be usable on mobile platforms as well as the standard service we have been providing.


Any idea's or suggestions to resolve the Ipad issues are greatly appreciated. Any knowledge of issues that have been noted for other mobile platforms is also appreciated. Is there a recommended browser for Android?

Thank you in advance for all assistance in this matter.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Christine!

I'm curious if the iPad that you are utilizing is iOS8? We have an issue with the exit button that we are aware of and you can read about that here.

To let learners retry a quiz, you must use a graded result slide, and mark the box to "Allow user to retry quiz" on the Failure and/or Success layers. See this article for more information.

You can see our full list of system requirements here, but at this time Android is not supported for Presenter '13.

If you need us to take a look at the file, you are welcome to share the Articulate Package for us to have a look at. If you cannot share here in the forums, you can share here privately.

Christine Wolff

Hello Leslie,


Thank you for your assistance. 

1. Yes this is an IOS8.1, thank you for the link regarding the exit button. I will read up on that.

2. I am not having an issue with retrying a quiz. The quiz works on other platforms as expected. I am having an issue with the quiz before we can even begin the quiz.  When the presentation advances to the quizmaker slide (from presenter) the big red bar is there automatically saying it is incorrect. I cannot advance the slide to allow me to answer the first question. There is no opportunity to answer the question at all, therefore the presentation cannot be advanced beyond this point. The incorrect bar is not part of my quiz, the quiz is set in sequence to be answered again and if incorrect again then it is set to give feedback. There is no results for this quiz as it is an activity and they are not scored. It is used as an opportunity for the learner to understand the content and not be graded. This is so far only occurring on this device; IPad IOS8.1 browser Safari. It does not occur on a desktop browser combination.


3. Thank you for the link to system requirements, I believe I have read that one but I am going to have another look. Yes I am aware that Android is not supported at this time however I am curious as to why that is. The consumer reports show that Android is a device that is owned by more consumers than an Ipad. Although it is not supported, is there a browser that you are aware of that is more stable to view the articulate presentation?

4. If the quizmaker issue is not a known issue for the Ipad, please let me know I will upload my presentation for you to view and hopefully we can figure out a resolve.

5. Mobile platforms: We are upgrading all of our files from 09 to 13 for two reasons, one because flash updates cause great havoc and secondly, because we need to be mobile to meet the market needs. Is there anything that you can link me to or tell me that I need to beware of as far as users, using the end product. For example, we provide the users with knowledge of more stable platforms to view the presentations on based on the type of device they are using from both an articulate side and an LMS side.


Again, thank you for your help.

Leslie McKerchie

Yes Christine, I do think taking a look at the file would be best so that I can see if I can replicate this behavior and understand what may be going on. Please upload your Articulate Package. If you cannot share it here in the forums, please share privately here.

Android support is something that we are working to support as we are aware that it is a need for our customers. Our newest product, Storyline 2, delivered with Android support.

As far as best practices for mobile, I would advise that you take a look at this documentation.