Losing attachment file pathways when moving published lesson

Apr 04, 2011


I have put together a lesson using Articulate Presenter and I have attached several documents from my C drive which (when published) appear in the tools tab.  However, once published, I have to move the lesson to a shared drive so our LMS colleagues can pick it up.  When I do this the attachments in the tools menu will not open at all.  I guess this is because the files are on my C drive?  How do I resolve this?  When you publish, doesn't Articulate package it all together so you can access these attachements no matter where you move the published lesson?

Thanks for your help,


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Lee Condon

Hi Brian,

I don't use a browser to open the files.  I select the LMS option when publishing and publish to my C drive (as this makes it faster).  I then copied the files over to a shared drive.  The attachments opened ok in the published version on my C drive but would not work when I transferred them to the shared drive.  Any thoughts?

Lee Condon

Hi Brian,

The Articulate files will be uploaded into LMS by my colleagues.  I just have to move them over to a shared drive where they can access them.  I just copy all the files that I get when the lesson is published and then paste them on to the shared drive.  The attachments are all pdf files located on my C drive.  They open ok when I look at the published lesson on my C drive.  They just don't open when I move the published content over to the shared drive.  I tried making sure the pdf files were in the same folder as the player.html file but that didn't seem to help.

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