Losing audio and video from files


I have been working on updating files that were originally saved in Studio 09 and upgraded to Studio 13. Most of my files convert well, but I have a particular file that I had worked on in May and had all the updated audio and videos in it. I opened it yesterday to continue working on it. I added a few new slides and when I published it again, the audio was missing from almost all the slides, the animation synchronizing was gone, and some of the videos (part of the older ones that were there in 09) are missing.

What can be causing this?

I am having to redo hours of work to get this back up and running!

I look forward to hearing from you.


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Lucie Bouchard

Hi Leslie,

The article was helpful. We work from a network drive so that we can all have access to the files. I guess that is what is causing the problem.

I am using version Update 3: 1407.1717. I think that is the latest one.

If I copy my files to my local drive, make my modifications and then resave to the network drive, will that work? I only need to have my files local while I am making changes and publishing, right? We do need to have the files in a place that we can all access. I am not alone to work on these files.