Losing some, but not all sound files

Jan 10, 2014

So I have presentations that I work on, on the road, using my laptop.  I come back into the office and CAREFULLY copy over all the powerpoints, the ppta files, the sound files, the quiz files, everything to my desktop.

Then apparently randomly, some sound files (usually mp3 but sometimes wma) turn up missing after I publish my course. They''re on the hard drive where there supposed to be but my course doesn't point to them anymore.

What happened?  Again, when I copy everything over I make sure it's all there, first.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi Jim,

Just curious - they're still working properly on your laptop when published, correct?

If so, how are you copying the files over, exactly? Are you manually copying and pasting onto the hard drive of your machine for each file/folder or are you using a package? 

If you aren't using that method already, try sending over a Presenter Package instead. Does that seem to retain the audio files and do they still work after copying them over to the other machine?

Articulate Support - How to Create an Articulate Package

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