Lost Articulate Tab in PPT Ribbon with Upgrade to Articulate Presenter 13

May 12, 2017

History:  At work I was upgraded to Office365 (PPT 2016), not cloud, but installed to my workstation.  I had Articulate Studio 09, where the Articulate tab did display in PPT 2016.  However, Articulate Studio 09 is not compatible with PPT 2016.

Current Issue: So I was upgraded to Articulate Studio 13 the other day, as have many of my co-workers.  We're all having the same issues.  With PPT 2016, we cannot get the Articulate Tab to display in the PPT Ribbon.

Attempts So Far: We've tried the Add-Ins fix, running PPT as Admin, and the articulate ipc handler is displayed and is checked.  I've tried unchecking it, closing, opening, rechecking, etc. to no avail.  Also, there is nothing listed in the Disabled Apps either.

We've checked and made sure the Trust Setting boxes are unchecked, which they are.

We also made sure we have the Visual Studio 10 Runtime installed, which we all do.

After all that, the Articulate Tab absolutely refuses to display.  As I've said, this is affecting every single one of my co-workers who has Office365 and Articulate 13.  This is a work stoppage for us. 

Again, with Articulate 09 and Office365, we could see the Articulate Tab in the PPT Ribbon.  So there must be something on Articulate's end with Articulate 13 that is the issue.  Please investigate and find a solution, quickly.


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Leslie McKerchie

Hey Kelly!

Sorry to hear that you ran into issues with the Articulate Tab. Sounds like you've done a lot of troubleshooting so far.

Typically the repair listed within this article assists users with this issue. If this does not assist, I'd proceed with the other directions diving a bit deeper. 

If you wish to work with a support engineer, you may do so here.

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