Lost PowerPoint presentation - can I convert the files back?

Oct 25, 2012

I have FINALLY had a response about one of my e-learning projects I designed back in February of 2011, the only problem is they want a few minor changes made but since then I have had a new PC and IT did not transfer all of my files across properly, this has meant I have lost my PowerPoint slides (with the interaction in) however I still have the course in it's published state.

Is there any way of using these and amending these without having the slides or do I need to start again?

Take Care


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David Anderson

Hi Clare - 

There isn't really much you can do without those source files.

But, since you're using Presenter and you have the published files, you could create a new presentation for the slides you need to edit, publish those slides and replace the .swf files from your original, published project.

The path to the .swf files is: Published project > data > swf

This is only a short-term strategy, but Presenter's .swf files can be swapped out with new ones.

Here's a Screenr tutorial for a slightly different issue, but shows the general idea: https://player.vimeo.com/video/204933620

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