Lost serial number for Articulate Presenter

Hi there,

When I originally purchased AP I had a different email (it was fairgo4all@gmail.com) that got hacked and I changed my contact details etc to my current email which is johnloty22@gmail.com  

Now I have not used AP (nor Storyline which I also purchased) for some time and when I tried to open Articulate it said I wasn't registered (? as I am and have used it  on this computer - at home ) anyhow I searched for the registration number and can't find it. AP which I had loaded on my work computer as well isn't working there either...so when I get my serial number dor Studio 09 (which I just realised is what I should have been talking about) I will re-download it there as well.

Storyline seems to work fine.

You probably have sent me the serial number previously but try as I have I can not locate it.

Sorry to be a pest but I can't make progress (slow as it is with all my many other distractions) until I get that serial number.

My name is John Loty (used to own Logistics Training International Asia Pacific Pty Ltd) and my present company is John Loty & Associates Pty Ltd Business address etc is in my email signature.

If you have need of further information then just let me know...and as I come to the end of this email I just realised I bought Storyline (and maybe Studio 09) from an Australian distributor ...something like MicroWay?

Maybe I will have to write to them ...if you can provide contact details for them ...that would be great.

Cheers and Thanks

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