Lost Web Objects Reward of great appreciation offered...pls help

I have inserted several web objects into a presentation of mine. Some are Engage Interactions and some are Web Objects. On my PC they appear perfectly but when I have sent the files to my boss or SME the web objects have vanished. What Am i doing wrong? How can I fix this? Any help would be great because I really don't want to rework the presentation. I have a dropbox file available that I am willing to PM if you can help.

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Justin Wilcox

You could publish for CD for viewing content locally. The reason it works for you is that we create Trust files for the publisher that allows it to work. When you send the files to someone else, they are viewing active web content on a local drive. This is frowned upon so it doesn't work. The CD is one option but I would really just consider uploading a presentation to a web server and sharing a link. That's the green thing to do.