Manifest Not Found - Uploaded from Parallels on my Mac

I have downloaded and set up articulate on my Mac using Parallels.  I have been using articulate previously on my PC without any problems.  I created a new presentation, published it for LMS (so far so good) and created a zip file.  But when I upload the zip file to moodle, when I choose the zip file and try to save it comes up with error "manifest not found".

I have uploaded an picture of the error message and a picture of the files created when the presentation was published.  Would appreciate and assistance

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Phil Mayor

Hi Craig

I would expect you have zipped the folder rather than selecting all the files within the folder and then zipping. The manifest needs to be in the root of the zip, by zipping the folder you put it within a folder and moodle cannot find it

Its is often best to use articulate to zip your files


Mike B.

We're experiencing the same problem in our group, but only on one of our two Articulate machines (the other one works normally). We're not using Parallels, but the ZIP file displays a small lock on it when we publish. Once we load it into Moodle, we get the same manifest missing notice, even though there is a manifest at the root of the ZIP. I'm going to research this more, and will post a solution if I can find one.

Mike B.

Fixed it (at least for us). In our case, we had a template that included restricted slide movement (preventing learners from advancing early to the next slide). When we opened that file on the other Articulate computer, that template was not included as an option. Publishing the file created the locked ZIP I mentioned above.

To remedy, I recreated the template to include the slide restriction option. When I published, the ZIP file did not include the lock symbol and works as expected in Moodle.