master menu to integrate many modules on one CD or flash drive?

Hello Articulate community!

I am searching for some recommendations on what software to use to integrate several Articulate Studio '13 modules onto one flash drive or CD within one menu.  These modules will be local, computer-based and not published for web.  The client wishes for a menu that opens on the screen when one loads the flash drive or CD that provides buttons to whatever module the learner wishes to view.  It would also need to include a welcome and brief overview of the full program of modules. 

How would you recommend integrating modules on a CD or flash drive like this?  What software would you recommend? 

Please advise and thank you for your assistance, Barbara

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Barbara Pando-Behnke

Hi all,

So in thinking this through another options has presented itself to me.  What if I create a simple 1 slide Presenter file with clickable buttons that hyper-link to all of the other modules, and publish it for CD? 

The resulting package would include an auto run file that would just need to be placed in the CD's root directory along with the rest of the folders/files for the Presenter slide, right?  If I set the buttons on the 1 slide menu to link to the "presentation.html" files for each module, and make sure that all of the folders and files for each module are also included in the CD, then in THEORY, that should work.  Right?

What do you think?  Anyone?  :)

Darrell Bird


As an option, you might consider building all the modules within the same published Presenter output.  I have created several "job aids" over the last four years using this technique.  The opening 3-4 slides give the general instructions, then the following slide is the Main Menu.  This page contains hyperlinked buttons to each of the different modules within the program.

Each module has a "landing page" with instructions for that module.  Each page within a module has hyperlink controls to navigate within the module (some have sub-sections) and to return to the Main Menu.  The advantage to this type of structure is the ability to control the published output files (everything in one place).

As I said, I've done several of these modular job aids with very good response from my target audiences.  Hope this is helpful.