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Christie Pollick

Hi, Sarah, and welcome to the community!

There is no official "max" file size for a project, but that is a great idea to break your project down into smaller parts. I will defer to the community for their recommendations on what they believe they max size should be per section. I know there have been others who have had extremely large projects, but with all software, it depends on your system and how well it will handle that type of content/data. 

If you're uploading to a server, it also depends on the space you have available. If it's an issue for your end users, it depends on their system, their internet connection, web browser, etc. 

I would recommend checking the tech specs to ensure your machine is running at least the minimum system requirements. 

Here's the system requirements for  Presenter '13: Articulate Studio Suite - Tech Specs

In that article, you'll also see system requirements for viewing content as well. Thanks and welcome again!