Media Tour - Video from File does not refresh in presenter

We have a media tour interaction with a video from file. If we remove the file and replace it with updated file, Presenter still displays the old file.  

We have tried giving the video file a different name and Presenter still displayed the old file.

We are having to re-create the media tour interaction any time we have a change to the video.

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Justin Grenier

Good Afternoon, Jane.

Within an Engage '13 Media Tour, to replace a video file with another video file, click the blue text below the item in the media panel:

It's also important to note that since a copy of the original *.intr file is stored in the course's *.ppta file, you may not notice if the original *.intr file has become separated from the Presenter course.  If you've been editing the *.intr file directly and you think that link between the two may have become severed, it wouldn't hurt to re-publish your Interaction to your Presenter course and then remove the problematic Interaction from your presentation.

If this doesn't seem to work as expected, I would recommend taking a look at this article, which covers all sorts of unexpected behavior in Articulate Studio '13.

...and if the problem persists after following the instructions above, I would recommend packaging up your course and sending it over to us for a closer look.  Thanks!

Jane Doe

FYI - follow up.  The use of the blue text to update, rather than using the worked more consistently than removing the file with the X.  However, we still experienced intermittent problems. 

A consistent work around is to always make edits by accessing the interaction through Engage. We no longer use the Edit in Engage link in Powerpoint to access an interaction that needs to be updated.  Before we publish, we check the date of every interaction within the presentation. Sometimes, we have to use the link to open the updated interaction and then close the interaction to force Presenter to see the updated file. At other times, Presenter see the updated interaction without having accessed the interaction from Presenter.