Menu Problem with Presenter 5

Hey everyone.  I really hope someone can help me here.  I am using Articulate Presenter 5 after trying the trial version of 9.  Long story short, my company has 5 but I wanted to see what 9 was like.   I made menus in my files for 9 following this website:

It says it should work fine with Presenter 5.  Well, when I copy the files to the CD and launch the CD on my Mac, it works fine.  As soon as my boss tries to load it on his PC, though, nothing happens.  The menu slide comes up and he clicks to go somewhere, but it just goes to the load screen and stays there.  It doesn't load the next module/presentation.  I know the links are good since it works on my Mac.  Anybody know what's going on?  I've been working on this for hours and I'm about at the end of my rope.

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Tammy Smith

Well, with so many problems we all had with 5, we're considering upgrading to 9.  That Flash player problem is a real hassle, plus with not being able to play in its own player like you can with 9 and not being able to really use the menu feature (the link I provided above) like you can on 9, 5 is just making things harder.  I'm going to close this question for now and ask another one.  Thank you very much for the suggestions, though!  It was IE we were using.