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Steve Gannon

Hi Paula,

I'm not aware of a simple 1-step technique for merging two Presenter projects but there is a way to accomplish this:

1. Determine which PowerPoint will be the master (that is, the merged file) and which you will copy from. Let's call the master "File 1" and the one you're copying from "File 2."

2. Copy the slides from File 2 into File 1 (it sounds like you may have already done this) and then close File 1.

3. Open File 2, open Presenter's audio editor, click the little 'a' icon in the upper left corner, and export the audio in WAV format to a folder of your choosing.

4. Close File 2. Open File 1 and use Presenter's Import Audio feature to import the audio you exported in Step 3 above to the slides you copied out of File 2 and placed in File 1.

That's it. All of your animation syncing on the slides you copied into File 1 will be intact.  

Hope that helps...

Leslie McKerchie

Hi Paula!

Looks like Steve has you covered here. Our documentation of this is very similar:

Here's how to merge two or more Articulate Presenter projects into one presentation:
1) Open all the PowerPoint files you want to merge and decide which will be the master project.
2) In each of the secondary presentations, select all the slides you want to merge, then press Ctrl+C to copy them.
3) Switch to the master presentation, click the slide thumbnail after which you want the new slides to appear, then press Ctrl+V to paste the copied slides.
4) If the secondary presentations have Presenter audio, export a copy of the audio files. Here's how.
5) Then, import the audio files into the master presentation.