Microphone levels issue in Presenter


I have an issue with the Microphone levels (input volume) in Articulate 360 Presenter.

When recording using the webcam in Presenter (see attached) the levels microphone property in windows is automatically reset (see attached).

Unfortunately, in our case this causes a much to high audio volume in our e-lessons that we have to then manually adjust.

Note that this only happens when using the webcam in presenter, the narration function does not cause the issue.

There is a setting in the advanced microphone property "allow applications to take control over this device", but somehow Articulate overrides this setting

This is issue happens no matter which microphone or webcam we use.

Any ideas?

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Alyssa Gomez

Hi Johan,

It sounds like you're using the webcam feature in Presenter 360, is that right?

Strange that Presenter would override the "allow applications to take control over this device" setting. I haven't seen this problem happen before, so I'm glad you reached out about it. 

Does this happen when you add webcam videos to any Presenter presentation, or just this file in particular? Also, did this problem pop up recently, or have you always had trouble with webcam audio levels?