missing audio and square rectangles

Nov 06, 2013

I continue to have problems with Presenter '13.  Today I published a course that I had created in Presenter '09.  I had made a lot of changes to it.  Two slides were published without audio.  These are slides that had not changed.  There's nothing different about these slides.  When I go to Import Audio, everything looks fine.

A lot of my slides have picture placeholders.  In PowerPoint, these are rounded rectangles with shadows. When I publish they are square rectangles.

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Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alison,

I see that you were having problems a few days ago here, and Leslie suggested conducting the repair. Were you able to perform that and still have the odd behavior? Since you've done a number of troubleshooting steps already, would you be able to create a Presenter package with your project files and send them to us here? I would also recommend including the backup that Presenter created of your original content so we can take closer look at that as well. 

Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Alison,

Thanks for letting me know that you conducted the repair and that your audio has returned. I'm not seeing any problems with the Support link, are you able to try it in another browser? I viewed it in Chrome and IE10, and on this previous thread, I see that Leslie mentioned in IE10 she needed to run in compatibility mode. If that's still not working, there is another upload link here or I can open the case on your behalf and then our team will request your files. If you're not able to package the Presenter 09 files, you can send them as individual files or you may also want to send a screenshot of what you'd like the rectangles to look like so that we can ensure we're all on the same page. 

Dave Neuweiler

I too have rounded rectangles (in a slide master, no less) that are published as squared rectangles.

The interesting thing is that a couple of these screens DO publish as rounded rectangles while the others don't.

The string above was submitted as a support case, but the resolution was not published.

Was there a resolution to this problem? What is it?

Christine Hendrickson

Hi Dave,

Looks like the issue was filed with our Quality Assurance team and is currently being tested. 

I've added this thread to the report, so we can update this thread when we have more information. 

I apologize for the trouble, but I'm afraid I don't see any available workarounds at the moment.

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Christine Hendrickson

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to share an update with you on this issue.

We now have documentation on this issue:

You may find that shapes with rounded corners have square corners in the published output.

This is a known issue. It'll be fixed in the next software update for Articulate Presenter. In the meantime, you can avoid this behavior by saving the shape as an image (right-click and choose Save as Picture), then replacing the shape with the image.

So we can confirm that a fix has been found for this and will be available with the next update. We don't have an estimate on this just yet, but will provide more details when they're available. 

Thanks very much!


Alison Coops

Is there any better fix for this yet? I've just been accepting the fact that when I publish, some of my rectangles WILL come out rounded and some WON'T. But now I have a slide where one picture comes out rounded and the other doesn't and it's really obvious. It's a major pain in the patoot to replace each placeholder in my module with a picture of that placeholder, especially since it's already animated and synced. It essentially make the placeholders in PowerPoint useless.

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