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When I access my published courses using iOS devices using the Chrome browser, the Launch window opens but the Launch button is unresponsive. There is a link included to the App Store also. If I access the published course using Safari I get an error message saying the address is invalid however it does display a link to the Articulate Mobile App page on the App Store site. This happens on iOS 9.3.3 and iOS 10 as well.

With Android devices tapping the Launch button takes me to the Google Play Store page that contains the Articulate Mobile app. Thanks

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Leslie McKerchie

Hi Herman!

Depending on how you are publishing determines weather you want to utilize this setting or not.

Articulate Storyline makes it easy to deploy your content to learners with mobile devices. See answers to common questions about publishing mobile content here.

For example, if you are publishing for and your LMS supports Tin Can API, then yes, you should utilize the Articulate Mobile Player. If however, as Mark (a fellow community member and customer) shared, you do not have it published this way, but still need to track in your LMS, then you would not want to select to publish to the Articulate Mobile Player.

If you do need the app, then be sure to download and re-launch the content from the shared link and it should open as expected. You do not need the app to view the HTML5 content on a mobile device. You can check out our viewing requirements here.