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Hi There

I can get output to play on the Mobile player on the iPad ok, but what I really want to be able to do is only allow people to play content if the have a WiFi connection PLUS an active logon to my website.

If they log out of the website then any content seen in the library must not run at all.

Am I missing a specific option at all?  

I did not select the 'offline' option when publishing the content in Presenter 13

BIG thanks, Graham

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Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Graham,

Sorry this got missed on Friday. I do not believe there is a way to stop a user from accessing the course once loaded into their AMP. If you're running this through an LMS that supports Tin Can API it will track their usage when accessing the course, but there isn't a default way to restrict it. There may be some customized solutions the community could offer you. 

Graham Francis

So I'm still not too clear on this...

Let's say a training course has 100 slides and it's published for online viewing only through the AMP 

I put this on my secure LMS that people can only access with a logon

Someone starts the training and views 20 slides then stops / maybe even goes offline i.e drops WiFi.  In my mind this means that only 20 slides have been streamed from the LMS

If they come back online they can then relaunch the viewer and continue viewing all the other 80 slides without having to logon to the LMS again??  Is this possible without having to logon?

Thanks again, Graham

Ashley Terwilliger

Hi Graham,

Yes, once they access the course through the Mobile Player, that will report tracking to the LMS if it's Tin Can API enabled. So if the leave or the wifi gets disconnected, they can either revisit the Mobile player to relaunch the course, or log back in to the LMS and launch from there. Additional information on how the Mobile player tracks is included here.