Modifying the Default HTML Output

Dec 06, 2011

Has anyone had any success in modifying the default HTML that is output by Articulate Presenter? I'm trying to change the background color, reduce the HTML headers, and add a user monitoring js tag.

I would add these items manually (as another thread suggests), but as a group we are going to be producing a very high volume of modules, and if there is a way to modify a file to automatically make all of these changes to the published output, it would cut down on production time immensely.

Does anyone have any experience with this, or should I start experimenting and then post my results once I have them?

EDIT: Okay, so if you open up the program folder, navigate to

C:\Program Files (x86)\Articulate\Presenter\players\core\:> (or wherever the program folder is)

The file there is "player.html." Duplicate this file into a new name (I made mine OLDplayer.html), and then perform your edits to "player.html." In the file, you will want to watch out for any all-caps words that are surrounded by double underscores (so __TITLE__ and similar things)--these are variables that Articulate Presenter uses, and you don't want to mess with them unless you're willing to maybe break things.

NOTE: ARTICULATE WILL NOT SUPPORT THIS IF IT BREAKS YOUR MODULES. This is basically a means of modifying the post-production output for every file you produce, so if your presentations don't work after doing this, you're on your own. Delete the modified file, rename OLDplayer.html (or whatever you called it) back to "player.html," and be about your business.

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David Anderson

Hi Joshua and welcome to E-learning Heroes,

Most folks don't tinker with the HTML page, but you can do things like color changes and background images without affecting your main course.

Here's a tip from Jeanette on how to edit the background image of your player.html file. I would recommend using something like Notepad++ to ensure you don't change the files encoding.

Please let us know how that works.

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