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Aug 21, 2013

I published a module with a quiz to Articulate Online, then launched it.  2 of the quiz questions were showing "comp" photos.  I went into my quiz and I've replaced them with real photos.  I previewed the quiz.  It showed the right photos.  I republished the module.  Still comp photos from a previous version of the quiz.  What's going on?

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Alison L Coops

On the quiz questions with the problem, the picture was actually the background for the questions.  At this point I actually deleted the 2 quiz questions and recreated them, and republished.  I'm still having the problem with the module not advancing past the interaction.  Recreating the problem quiz questions solved that problem.

Jordan Rash

Hello Allison,

I've experienced the same problems. It appears as if it's grabbing the wrong (older version) of the quiz or engage interaction. After using articulate for a bit you are bound to run into this problem. This is not the ideal fix, but it's how I've fixed it:

Method 1

  1. Copy your quiz to a different powerpoint

  2. Publish the powerpoint with only the quiz

  3. Navigate to:  Your project folder > data > swf

  4. Find your quizmaker folder (quizmaker_123)

  5. Click on 'quiz.swf' to see if it's the correct quiz

  6. If it is, open your other project folder with the whole powerpoint

  7. Navigate to the folder for the quiz thats giving you problems

  8. Rename the correct quiz with the incorrect quiz's name and replace the incorrect folder with the correct folder

Hope that made sense!

Other ways that may work

  • Republish until it works

  • Make sure the quiz is publishing from the correct .intr

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