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Christopher Anthony

Hi Leslie,

In Presenter, it seems that I can only add a graphic or character to the top, bottom, left or right of the page but what if I want to add more than 1 graphic.

I do not see any other feature to add graphic. I just need to know how to add more than 1 picture.

Please advise.



Phil Mayor

Hi Christopher, if this is engage then you can only add one media item, be that a video, swf or image there is no way to add more than one. I powerpoint you can add as many images as you like and in quizmaker in slide view you can add as many images as you like.

One possible workaround is to group your images in ppt and save as an image and insert that into engage.

Christopher Anthony

Thanks Leslie,

So Engage does not allow for multiple graphics to be included but Presenter allow....hmmm.....how do I do that?

I am using Articulate Studio, created a cover page in PowerPoint and need to add some training materials in Presenter. Did that but could only see an option to add 1 graphic and not more.....

Phil Mayor

Christopher Anthony said:

Hi Phil, thanks for the clarification.

But what was Leslie referring to in her reply above when she said it is possible to do so? Was she referring to Engage or Presenter?

Hi Christopher you asked for Presenter which is a plugin to PPT you can add multiple images in Presenter, however in Engage which I suspect is what you are suing this is not possible.