Motion Path problems


I'm trying to create the steps of a waltz using footprints with motion paths to show the movement. This works fine when viewed in a PowerPoint slideshow, however whenever I preview or publish the slide the second step that uses a Turn Up Right motion path returns to its starting point rather than staying at the end of the path.

Any suggestions?


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Phil Mayor

Hi Helen

Not sure what went wrong, I deleted and reinserted (you will have to move the path)) and it worked fine for me, you may get better results if you remove the somoot start and finish

Did you reverse a path? This is not supported, I could not find any evidence of this though

Hope this helps


Helen Tyson

Thanks for help guys.

I've redone it with the Turn Up Right end point moved down one click and it works perfectly even after adding the 3rd and 4th sides to the close up the box step (and the foxtrot now on slide 2 is starting to take shape).

I'll just have to control my obsession with lining everything up for this one