Motion Paths returning to initial state (but I don't want them to)

Hi all - I'm a regular SL2 user, assisting a Presenter user on a project. I'm WAAAY more fluent in SL2 than I am Presenter, and am thinking my frame of reference is messing me up here. Is there a setting in Presenter that keeps an object that's traveled on a motion path in it's final place when a learner returns to the slide? I can't find it, if so. In SL2, I would just set the slide property to resume the saved state when the learner revisits. In the Presenter project, there is a main slide that all of the branched scenarios stem from. When the learner begins a scenario, they click on a button that follows a motion path to the "completed" section of the slide. When they complete the scenario, they come back to the main slide and select another. However, when they return to that main slide, the motion path of the button is returned to it's initial state. Am I crazy for thinking this should be possible in Presenter? Any ideas would be most welcome. Thanks in advance!

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Ali Goulet

Hi Kristin,

Thanks for reaching out here! You're right, in Storyline 2 this would be easy to accomplish using the Resume Saved State feature. However, since states don't occur in Presenter, there isn't a built-in way to accomplish this. 

Perhaps someone in our community will be able to chime in with an idea on accomplishing this in Presenter. :)