.Mov file published using Video Encoder '09 but no sound :(

Hello,  I have published a .mov video using video encoder '09.  The video plays but there is no sound :(  I noticed when I imported the video in encoder that there was a message stating;  'playback is disabled because there is an issue with the vidoe's codec. You can still edit & encode the video'.  When I click on the link for further information on codecs the page was not available.  Can anyone help please?  Thank You.

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David Celaya

Not sure what the problem is with these specific individual files, but instead of trying to track it down, I would just convert the original .mov into something else before importing.

Something I posted elswhere:

"If you really get stuck, and just want to re-encode the video, ive been using Any Video Encoder forever on Widows. Or MPEG Streamclip on the Mac (i dont like the pc version, but you might have better luck...im on a really old pc, so that might be the problem 

There are others, but these have gotten the job done for me for years."

Good luck with it!

Fraser Drummond

Thanks David. I have used Any Video Encoder to convert it to FLV and it worked well enough. My query was why/what is Articulate Video Encoder's problem with converting a .mov file and does anyone have a solution to this particular problem that would let Video Encoder work as it looks as it should work.