Movie does not play after posting on web server

Hi, Heroes -

I'm using Presenter 09's "Insert Flash Movie" utility to embed a movie into one of my slides.  Everything is golden when I preview and publish to a network share.  Even after moving it onto our web server, if I access the player.html directly via the ftp URL, everything is fine.  However, when I try and run the presentation using http: URL - the presentation runs fine up until the slide with the embeded flash movie.  Once there, there's just a lonely space where the movie should be playing.  :-(  If I advance to the next slide, the rest of the presentation works fine.  It's just that one flash movie not playing when running the presentation using the http: address.  Is there something I need to set on the server?

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Jeff Furumura

I found a possible solution on the Adobe site:


After I've uploaded my FLV and SWF files to my web server, the video does not load or play in the Flash SWF file when I'm testing the experience in a web browser. How can I fix this problem?

Confirm that you can access the FLV file directly in a web browser by typing the full URL to the file in the web browser. If the browser can locate and download the file, then you know that the URL is valid and should be accessible by the Flash SWF file.

If the browser can find the file but displays several lines of random text and numbers, your web server is not configured correctly to serve FLV files. To fix this problem, you need to add a MIME type header for the .flv file extension. If you do not administer your own web server, you may need to contact the technical support staff at your web hosting service to add the MIME type. 


I'll get our network admins to add a MIME type header for the .flx file extension on this particular server - and will report back on the outcome.