Moving objects on a page

I'm not sure if this is the right forum to post this in, but here goes. 

I see all sorts of cool flash interactions out there where the learner moves objects around on the page--sorting, moving something to the right area, etc.  Are there any non-flash developer programs or ways to do this in Presenter that simulate this level of interaction?  I know branching to different slides allows different type of feedback by clicking, but can't figure out any type of dragging/moving objects interaction. 

Thank you for any thoughts/suggestions!


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Keira Ogle

I have created a slide where students can drag their scores (via an oval object) onto a chart so that they can chart their progress on a certain task.  I am hoping to have those object stay in the same place for when the student visits the slide again but when I preview the project the object has always moved.  Any ideas? 

Daniel Berlin


The initial question here was learner moving or dragging objects around and Mr. Batt suggested a link that is probably great but it seems to be a broken link now. there a way to allow learners to move or drag objects around, say along a path or around a pivot point or axis?

Just to explain: I'm creating an interactive calculus lesson and I'd like the learner to move a line, at one end of the line, until it is tangent to a curve. So it's an interaction but not a quiz.

Any suggestions please?


Ashley Terwilliger-Pollard

Hi Daniel,

Thanks for reaching out here and it looks like the link that Brian previously linked to is no longer active. Since it's an external site, we don't have any way to control it or access the course or information that was previously uploaded there. Could you assign drag triggers to the object ore create it as a drag and drop interaction that isn't scored or "submitted" so that you'd still have the same functionality available? 

If you're still unsure or having difficulty with this set up perhaps you'll want to share a copy of the file here with the forums so that folks can weigh in on your specific set up?