Moving Presenter panel to the right-side of screen

Mar 22, 2012

Hi, all -

Does anyone know of a way to move the Presenter panel to the right-side of the screen?  Is there a hidden setting available, perhaps, that allows for control over the placement of this panel?



P.S.  Our company did not spring for the SDK...but maybe we should...?

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Jeff Furumura

Thanks for the reply, Peter.  My clients want to have a video of the presenter inserted into the Presenter panel - however, in the video, the presenter is facing to the left.  With the side panel mounted on the left side of the frame, it appears as though the presenter is facing the "wrong direction."  As a work-around, I'll see if I can flip the video image 180 degrees horizontally and that would solve the problem.  But I'll also submit a feature request.

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