MP3 file (1.5 hours) and 75 slides.

I have a recorded webinar that I need to convert to an Articulate course.  I have an MP3 audio file that is 1.5 hours long and 75 PPT slides.  I need to create a course with clips of the audio file placed in specific slides (the slides need to correspond with the speaker).  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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Tom Kuhlmann
  • Use Articulate Presenter.
  • Open the ppt slide.
  • Go to slide 1 and insert the full length audio.
  • Go to the audio editor. Listen to the audio and where appropriate add a slide break.
  • You need a slide break for each slide. Don't worry about it being accurate.
  • Once you have the audio cut into the 75 slides, you can tweak where the breaks start/stop.
  • After you're happy, export the audio. This will give you 75 individual audio files for your archive and in case you need them.

Check out this blog post, it explains it in detail.