Multichoice questions in Quizmaker 09 don't work.

Aug 20, 2013

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Hi there everyone.

Ever had users complain that quizmaker doesn't allow them to select the correct choice in a Multichoice question?

I just found out one reason why.

The default for question slide title/question text boxes is to resize for word-wrap. If you reduce the text from two lines to one line the text box sometimes doesn't automatically resize, so it is still two lines high.

If this text box overlaps multichoice answer textboxes, the overlapping part can't be clicked/selected by the user.

I had my answers set to random, so it was only when an answer that occupied two lines and was physically higher was at the top of the list that I had the overlapping problem. Very intermittent and frustrating!!

Quizmaker lines up these choices with no space in between them vertically, so my recommendation is to override this and leave plenty of  space between choices in multichoice questions, and keep the question text box well away from the answers!!

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