Multipe Quizz behaviour

Aug 11, 2014

Hi, I have about 10 Courses to build where the client wants to test the users understanding at various points throughout the module. If after two attempts the user still hasn't answered the questions correctly, they're taken back to the start of the chapter. The issue is that during a session, the answers are retained and they cannot re-answer them. I've thought that perhaps instead of creating quizmaker quizzes throughout, I could create my own by creating multiple slides with buttons to check your answer and go to the various correct or incorrect slide. That would be very time consuming with many questions throughout and also it wouldn't allow me to manage two attempts and only return the user to the start if the second attempt answer was still incorrectly answered (unless I create a mass of slides to handle this). Do you have any suggestions? The modules relates to mining equipment and safety so it's imperative that the user has a good understanding. Any ideas appreciated.

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