Multiple Branching

I've been doing some investigating into whether to use articulate (which i currently own a copy of) or storyline to complete a few projects which will require multiple branching.

I want to create a welcome slide which allows the user to select from a list of graphic buttons to navigate to a branch of slides within the course, at the end of the branch the intention is the user completes a quiz (of which there may be remedial slides within these as well). Once the user completes the section quiz successfully it should navigagte back to the main menu and subsequently the graphic button changes colour to indicate complete (and also another colour to indicate its 'in progress')

From what I've seen in Articulate, engage can be used to import a button type interaction but it only seems to allow you to navigate within the interaction itself rather than to move onto another slide.

I also saw mentioned in another post that depending upon the course size (are we talking MB or duration??)  that if multiple branching is required in a larger course then the author should consider the creation of a static HTML welcome page which then navigates the user to the individual course sub-sections of which technically are actually separate courses but appear as one course to the user. How feasible is this as an option with articulate and is it considered a suitable option?

Any suggestions would be welcome!


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