Multiple Modules in order without LMS

We have 9 modules, each about an hour long, and then a quiz that is a separate module. We do not have an LMS. We will be putting this on a shared drive. We will have multiple users using common computers. We want the users to go through the course in module order before they can take the quiz. We do not have to bookmark inside the modules. Is there any way to track when a module is completed? Has anyone done this before. I've been looking through the forum and not found anything yet.



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Kevin Dowd

I'm sure there's a better way, but you could: Create a survey and imbed it on the last page of a course with locked navigation.  It could be a one question survey, ie "have you completed this course?" or "are you ready to proceed to the next course?"  Once they submit the survey, they've completed the course.  I'm invisioning survey monkey, etc - whatever you already use if adaptable.  You could also do it as a quizmaker quiz or survey and have the results emailed to you (I think).

Gaye Esperson

OK. I used your idea of a code word at the end of a module but I modified it. Because this is going to be used on a ship and those fellows have tons of time, I need to make the code at the end of each modue unique to each user to try to make it challenging for them to "cheat". I wrote a little Flash program that creates a number based on the date and time. I present this at the end of the module. I'm an old Authorware programmer so I tend to grab it when I need to get something done. So I'm writing a wrapper/launcher to keep track of things. Once the articulate module window is closed, the Authorware program kicks back in and calculates the number from the time and date using the same algorithm. I'm giving them a 5 minute window to get the code from Articulate and then enter it in Authoware. I'll give them 3 tries to get it right. The hole I see is if two users are sitting next to each other and one has completed the module and the other has not. If they close their windows together to get back to Authorware, the same code will allow both of them to continue. I was hoping to use the internal computer clock but I can't seem to find it in Flash.

If any of you can shoot holes in this logic, please do.

Thanks for the idea!