Multiple presentation as web objects

The first project i ever built was a nightmare. Anything I could do wrong I did. It was 5 key topic all wrapped into one big mess with multiple quizzes and engage interaction. It was only 85 slides but it just wouldn't function the way it should because of the mess i made of it. ( i totally take blame) In the end I split is up and by shear luck fixed my errors.

I have another biggish project I am working on. It is a game. It includes many quizzes many interactions and lots of media content. It must be one unit.

Here is my question... If i built the sections separate and inserted them into a "menu" presentation would that have the same effect as have multiple modules? or would I be better to just have one big program?

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Brian Batt

Hi Zara,

Since the content isn't pre-loaded except for a few slides ahead, it shouldn't matter too much if you separate them out or if you keep them in a single presentation.  

From an authoring stand-point, it may be worth keeping them separate since you wouldn't have to republish the entire presentation after you make a small change.