Multiple SCOs Sequencing

Feb 16, 2011

I have created a scorm 2004 version 3 package with 2 SCOs using simple scorm packager. First sco is articulate presentation with quiz at the end, second sco is also articulate presentation with quiz at the end. I am testing it on Only issue I am facing , after completing first sco , it does not move to second sco. As first sco finished, it gives me message "Please select a menu item to continue with course.". Why its not going to second sco automatically. Am I missing something here. please advise. Thanks!

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Vispi Baria

Hi Susan, I've tried this in Moodle 2.x and most of it works (each SCO gets results reported, but the sco's will not automatically advance. I think this is because Moodle is not yet fully SCORM 2004 compliant (I dont think Sequencing is implemented yet).

Is your LMS fully 2004 Compliant?

The way I intend to get around this is to either put a message at the end of the sco asking the user to select the next sco, or better still, put a link on the page that will take them to the next sco. You can do this in the goodbye.html file generated by articulate (in each of the sco packages).

Hope this is of some help.


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