My animated clip art isn't animating

I added an animated piece of clip art from Microsoft’s online gallery but the animations aren’t working. I publish my course, and the clip art is visible on my slide but it won’t animate. I’m using PowerPoint 2007. Anyone know why this is happening? Other animations (that I apply myself in PowerPoint to shapes or pictures) seem to be working fine.

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Brian Batt

Hi Cindy,

Articulate Presenter does not support animated GIFs (aka Microsoft Clipart Animations). If you'd like to use this type of image, you can create an HTML page containing the animated GIF and embed it in your presentation as a Web Object. You can learn more about Web Objects here: 

You can also purchase a third party GIF to SWF converter such as GIF2SWF or SwiSH Max2:: 

Once the animated GIF has been converted to a SWF file, you'll be able to insert it into Presenter '09 via Insert Flash Movie.

Jeanette Brooks

Hello Brian - it's true that it's not currently possible to add more than one movie to a slide. Have you considered creating a simple powerpoint animation behind the movie placeholder, just to indicate to the user that the movie is loading? This screencast shows a similar idea... although the example shown is an Engage interaction and not a movie, the idea's the same. You could animate the text or create some other simple animation so the user doesn't fret that things are locked up.

Brian Batt

Corey Thoma said:

I have an animated powerpoint template that I would like to use in my course, I am guessing that I will have the same issues as Cindy did. Because it is not an "object" do you have any other suggestions for me??

Hi Corey,

Are you using animated clipart or are you trying to animate a background?  If you're using clipart, see my previous suggestion that I gave to Cindy.  If you're using an animated background, see the link below for a possible workaround:

Heather Goatcher

I downloaded the software and converted the gif to swf and a html file.  When I try to insert the swf file into the slide it won't let me - get an error message.  It lets me insert the html file but can't see it.  I can open it in Explorer and it is animated.  I've tried inserting it as an object, picture, etc.  Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong?